The Garden of Your Heart…

Wake up, North Wind,
    get moving, South Wind!
Breathe on my garden,
    fill the air with spice fragrance.

Oh, let my lover enter his garden!
    Yes, let him eat the fine, ripe fruits.

Song of Solomon 4:16

Working in the garden is when I feel closest to the Lord, many times He has used the sewing of seeds, watering and pruning and blooming to speak to me and show me the condition of my heart.

One afternoon after the long winter rain had stopped, I went outside to tend to my garden. While walking around I was overwhelmed by how many weeds I needed to pull.

As I began preparing myself to pull hard to remove the weed from the soil, it simply slid right up with zero effort! I was surprised because normally pulling weeds was very difficult, sometimes requiring me to wear gloves and pull hard, sometimes having to use my body weight. In that moment, the Holy Spirit began to show me that the weeds were easily being removed because the soil was well watered and the other times I have pulled weeds, the soil has been dried out and hard.

When the soil of my heart has not been watered with the (living water) Word of God, my heart is hard and dry…the Lord can not do His work.

When the soil of my heart is well watered with the (living water) Word of God, my heart is soft and the Lord can easily remove the things that are not of His Spirit and character.

It’s so important that you find your secret place with the Lord so He can do His good work within you. Find what sets your soul and fire and make it a priority in your life, there is a reason God has made it your passion. ❤