A Love Like Your’s….

This last week of reading and S.O.A.P-ing: Walking In Wisdom by Love God Greatly Ministries, several words popped out to me in Proverbs 1:10-19

10 My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

11 If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:

12 Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit:

13 We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil:

14 Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:

15 My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:

16 For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.

17 Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird.

18 And they lay wait for their own blood; they lurk privily for their own lives.

19 So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.

You see; the enemy of our souls is the MASTER of manipulation and lies…. He will ENTICE you: He will attract us by offering us pleasure or a “greater” advantage over others. Even if that means you steal, cheat or lie to get it.

The enemy will WAIT: did you know the devil is patient? he will wait to pounce for the kill at our weakest moment. That is why we are repeatedly instructed to have our hearts guarded, ready and rested in Christ, at all times.

The part of this scripture that I read over and over again to grasp is vs 17. “Surely in VAIN the net is spread in the sight of any bird.”

This got me thinking why did Snow White eat the apple?

I mean here she was approached by a seemingly sweet, harmless, old woman..

So often things or people that are not good for us come in “pretty packages” right?.. an incredibly handsome man or beautiful woman, a large house, a fancy car… and sadly, most of the time we fall for it as Snow White portrays in Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs.


Did you know that the devil was created by God in power and beauty? Most people picture the red face and pointy horns.

In Ezekiel 28:12-18 you will find God describing him: “Thus says the Lord GOD, You had the seal of perfection, Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; Every precious stone was your covering: The ruby, the topaz, and the diamond; The beryl, the onyx, and the jasper; The lapis lazuli, the turquoise, and the emerald; And the gold, the workmanship of your settings and sockets, was in you. On the day that you were created they were prepared. You were the anointed cherub who covers, and I placed you there. You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created. Until unrighteousness was found in you.”

All the beauty and power got to his head and he fell!

He wants the same for you and I.. he wants to draw us close to him with manipulation, temptation and promises.

As I write this I can recall 100 times, I fell for these lies and fell hard into a snare, where I had no idea how to get out, I often felt that I would be better off dead.

I fell and then when I looked to him (the liar) for comfort or understanding he would turn on me and all I could hear were accusations and all I could see were the lies.

Revelation 12:10, “For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night.”

When Snow White was talking to the elderly, witch (queen). The elderly woman spoke to what she knew would temp Snow White she said; “It’s apple pies that make the menfolks, mouths water”

She knew (because) the devil knows our weaknesses.. how many time have we fallen for sweet words and promises of happiness or joy when choosing to purchase something we don’t need or cant afford?

Then once the queen knew she had Snow White, she tightened and secured the snare when she said; “It’s a magic wishing apple; one bite and ALL your dreams come true..” ****SOLD****

Snow White fell… How many times have you fallen asleep and away from the Lord because of the lie of the enemy?

The end of this scripture says:19 So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.

When I read this, I got mad; I got mad at the liar for all that mess he’s been making in the lives of our friends and our families, our co-workers and our country..

But you know what! The lair may look like he’s winning and many of us may believe it to be so, but the Word of God, says that he ALREADY lost!

Victory is ours in Christ Jesus! take off the lies, break off the snares and KNOW we are free in Him!

It’s really that’s simple, repent and move on into the life more abundantly we are promised in Christ.

As I write this I am listening to Housefires “Jesus, What a Savior”


Jesus, what a Savior

What a brother, what a friend

Lifter of the lowly

God You meet me where I am

Jesus, what a Savior

What a brother, what a friend

Lifter of the lowly

God You meet me where I am


Your heart, it knows no borders

Knows no walls

You’re constantly moving

Towards me

With open arms


I’ve never known a love like Yours

I’ve never known a love like Yours, no

I’ve never known a love like Yours

I’ve never known a love like Yours……


“This love is the only love that will hold you and never let go” Lyssa ❤

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  1. Claudia Pacheco says:

    I really like this Lyssa. So good how you used that scene from Snow White. It’s true that I too have fallen for the kids of the enemy only to feel like I have been robbed of my joy, feeling like I’m “asleep” while life goes on around me. Thank you for this reading.


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