Leaving A Legacy That Will Last..

Proverbs 1:8-9 “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. They are a garland to grace your head and a chain to adorn your neck.

This week while S.O.A.P-ing, Walking In Wisdom, by Love God Greatly ministries, the topic of our children came up. I started thinking about the last few years and how the Holy Spirit has helped me see how important it is that I demonstrate for my children what it looks like to have a RELATIONSHIP with the Lord.

I remember the first time this concept was revealed to me; I had just dropped my boys off at school, I came home, made a cup of coffee, as I walked around the house collecting laundry for the wash I was listening to a radio show that was offered on the (i-disciple) app. People could call in and ask questions for Christian Counseling. This particular morning an older gentleman called in and talked about how he raised 4 children with his wife who all grew up to be very successful adults. He talked about how him and his wife always made church and church events a priority for their family and because of it he feels his children were sort of set apart from making some devastating life choices, however he was deeply grieving the fact that once they all grew up and took off to college, graduated from college and began their big important careers, they forgot not only about the Lord but they forgot about their parents. He said that when he gets a call from one of them or he calls to check on them, they have nothing to talk about.

This elderly man cried on the phone as he explained he was emotional one day after his wife had passed away, because it hit him like a (ton of bricks) that what he failed to do for his children was demonstrate what it looked like to have a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, and with him. They led a very structured life and there was not a lot of communication between them.  His children never saw him reading his word or crying before the Lord in prayer. He never taught them with his own experience what that looked like.

I remember weeping as he told his story and I thanked the Holy Spirit for the revelation I was having.  It was in that moment, I made a conscious decision to be open about my personal relationship with the Lord, not only with our sons but also with my husband.

A remembered reading Proverbs 31 about the mother setting the (tone/atmosphere) of the home. I would put on worship and pray as I cleaned the house, If I was putting clothes away in my sons room, I would sometimes sit on their beds and pray for them, when making mine and my husbands bed, I would get on my knees and pray for my husband while holding his pillow close to my chest. I even purchased a little white board and some markers and each week, I would draw a praise image and prayer or scripture, thanking the Lord for our blessings, for the highs and for the lows… I hung it on the refrigerator so that every time they would reach for the handle they would get it in them.

I often enjoyed painting while listening to worship with my headphones on, so, instead I would have the music playing out loud filling the house and both of my sons would be drawn to the area I was in, they would come over and see what I was painting and say, “wow mom, that is so cool”, “how did you do that?” And I would reply, “I didn’t, it was the Lord through me.” They would just sort of stand there in awe….usually they would hug me and then walk away, only to return again shortly after. Sometimes even asking to join in and at times would sing along to the worship songs.

I really enjoyed getting into my writing or reading when they were at school, so often I used to put my bible, journals and books away before they got home, this new conviction led me to leave it all out in the open and even continue my reading or study as they did their homework. Eventually my older son would come to me and say what did you write about today? And I’d say, “hey, can you read it and let me know if I made any errors; because you are a much better speller than me?” And so he would and in the end, he’d say something like, “woah, that was really good mom; I like the part where you said…xyz…

Recently, while driving my sons to school, in the silence of the ride, I have started to share my conversations with the Lord, with them. Last week I was telling them about how, my prayer was, “Lord, I want to me pure in all areas of my life so I can receive the fullness of what you have for me.” I told my sons how the Lord, showed me that often I (lie) about things, and how although they are mere exaggerations, they are still wrong and it is still (sin). So we had a good talk about that and the same day I blew it and when I picked them up from school, I confessed it to them and then explained to them how I repented and felt the Lord’s grace and how I was going to keep seeking truth. Then last night during our boys youth group; their pastor talked about the same thing and my son turned around to look at me and smiled, as if to say, “you just said the same thing mom!”

I can go on and on about the many ways I have shown my children through my actions and stories that God is all powerful, but then this post would never end (ha)

I can tell you this; it’s never too late to start! I already see the fruit of this demonstration on them and in their hearts. For that I am grateful ❤

Father, I pray that this post be a revelation for a mama or a papa out there! My they re-focus their game plan and learn how to demonstrate relationship with Jesus for their babies, leaving a legacy that will last… 🙏🏻 Amen


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully said and so very true! Love you!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Love you!


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