“Everything Else…”

What is everything?

Everything, a pronoun meaning,“all things”. I have this faint memory of the first time I read Revelation 21:5, And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” I don’t know if it was my recent new birth in Christ experience or if it was that sweet “child-like” faith people talked about, but; I believed it! There was something instinctual in me that said, “this is truth”.

At the time for me (everything) meant, having a restored relationship with my family, discovering who I really was, becoming the mother and wife I always dreamed to be. Forgiving myself for years of pain and regret.

I didn’t know that my childlike faith would cause me to lose most of my friends, almost break my marriage and cause me to let go of a better paying job. But I believed…

Many days, months and even years, travailing in prayer.. But I believed…

I learned to find comfort in the waiting, in the trusting, instead of trying to “fix” (things) on my own.

I knew I believed but I didn’t know that my child-like faith would bring forth (everything) all at once… like a flood, God’s orchestra began to roll out before me… I not only received what I desired the most in my brokenness, but He restored “all things” and made “all things” in my life new and so unbelievably beautiful.

It’s funny because, in the natural I wanted all of these “earthly” things to be restored and don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful, however, what I have learned is that NOTHING God can give you is sweeter than His love and fellowship! No-thing can even touch the joy that floods your heart when you witness someone you love come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ or when you have planted seeds in a person’s life and one day they reach out and yelp in excitement that God is real and He touched their life in some incredible way….nothing….

That kind of joy is a joy that is eternal; It will bring you joy for forever and you will always feel that joy like it is the first time you’ve felt it…. Hallelujah

You see, what comes with believing is great because He is faithful, but what comes with knowing Him and having a relationship with Him is pure Splendor ❤

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  1. Claudia Pacheco says:

    This is beautiful. Your so Blessed to be able to write down your thoughts so beautifully.


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