My transfiguration process in Christ has blown me away! I remember being new to church and while sitting in the services watching my pastor walk back and forth on the stage, up and down the isles preaching that once we surrendered our heart fully to Jesus the possibilities were endless…I remember sitting there thinking “that sounds so far away and out of reach for me”, “I don’t think I’ll ever have the faith for that”, “maybe for her and him, but not for me”…. Then as I continued to seek Him, it happened without me even knowing it.

I went from being stuck in the same job for over 10 years, not knowing who I was, not having a dream to dream, not wanting to pursue anything to 5 years later going to school, tutoring English to college students, teaching a life group, painting, writing a blog and living life more abundantly.

Some days like today, I look back and think WOW! It gives me so much HOPE for all the people out there who are feeling lost. I am so encouraged for them! A few days ago our church had a ladies conference inviting woman to come and ARISE to their fullest potential in Christ. For this event I was asked to be on the altar team and pray for the ladies during the altar call. I, never doing this before felt so nervous, I felt like I had nothing to offer them; but then it hit me….. LOVE.


Christ’s undying, never ending LOVE! When the altar call took place I felt a jolt in my belly to just go and LOVE. When I first approached the altar I immediately felt to pray for a specific lady, but I had no idea what to say… I squeezed my eyes shut, asked the Holy Spirit to use me and I approached her with one gentle hand on her back. Immediately I felt a download and saw a picture in my spirit. I suddenly had this crazy courage and began to pray the download out and describe what I was seeing, she began to weep and shake, thanking the Lord. Then I saw another lady, the Lord impressed on me to simply ((HUG)) her, I was sort of confused by the feeling so I didn’t do it, I was afraid to get into her personal space. So I walked away and began to pray for another woman. When I was done I began to walk to the other side of the altar and someone reached out to me grabbing my attention, I looked puzzled when I realized it was the woman who the Lord impressed on me to ((HUG)). She said to me with tear in her eyes…”Um, this is going to sound strange to you but, I feel like I need a HUG from you” In my shock I gave her the biggest squeeze I could and the moment I did, another download came rushing into my heart! This time without hesitation I locked hearts with the Holy Spirit and poured it all out! This woman was so blessed she nearly fell over in tears.. Later she told me she saw me walking towards her and imagined me praying for her and her feeling the Holy Spirit. WOW.


That night many woman stepped out and into Gods call for their lives. I came not knowing what to expect and as I arose out of my comfort zone and into trusting God he was able to use me as a vessel to pour out his LOVE. For me that is the ultimate goal! Use me Lord! For your Glory Father ❤

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