One morning I was driving to work in the fog, it was the kind of fog that seems to be resting on the road instead of in the sky; here I was alone on a highway and because the fog was resting low I was able to see the road several miles ahead of me, it was so beautiful.
I began to speak to the lover of my soul while praying. Have you ever been praying in a quiet voice and it seems as though your soul leaves your body and your sort of floating someplace in the atmosphere…?
 This is what it felt like in that moment, as I drove on the road in awe of the beauty…the long highway, the low fog and trees perfectly planted ten feet or so apart from each other on each side of the highway. It was mesmerizing.

While my soul seemed to be floating outside the moving car and in the trees; I watched as the Holy Spirit began to point things out…..I heard the promises of God ringing in my ear… “ if you search for Me you will find me (Deuteronomy 4:29). “I am near whenever you pray to Me” (Deuteronomy 4:7). “I will protect you” (Psalm 121). “My love will never fail you” (1 Chronicles 16:34). “ all things will work out for good” (Romans 8:28). “I will comfort you in trials”(2 Corinthians 1:3–4) “I promise to finish the work I started in you (Philippians 1:6)
This peace came over me and then I felt Him say in my heart that He is WAY ahead of me, WAY ahead on the road …He has set these powerful mighty men and woman of God to teach and raise me up. Like these trees along each side of the road they are already waiting ahead, tall and strong…all different but the same in the sense that they are there guiding me along with the love and power from the Holy Spirit.
 I began to think of how over 10 years before I met Jesus I worked with a lady in retail, I knew in the center of my heart there was something about her, and 11 years later I sit down next to her in my new church! She was the light in my darkness even then she never said much to me, she was just there like those trees, one day she left that employer and I felt the void.

 One of my best friends I met in high school she was so loving and loyal, not preachy or pushy she just loved me as the Father loved her even in my darkness. She always encouraged me to give it to God and I always told her I didn’t want to hear about God, but she stood like that Psalm 1 tree firmly planted and loved me anyway.

 Then my fitness instructor of all things haha… she would be there in front of the class rocking those zumba moves and I was so drawn to her not knowing she was also a daughter of the one and only King; she just loved me from such a distance (I was just a student in her class) I knew in the center of me there was something about her that was so beautiful and strong; now I know it was Jesus.

 I finally gave my heart to God February 27th, 2011. I began to attend a church and in my fear of this new life with Christ I was approached by a beautiful woman and all she did was hand me a box of tissue to wipe my tears as I cried at the feet of Jesus during what my pastor called (Godley sorrow)…This woman ended up taking on the role of a Godmother and still is today an amazing tree, strong and not shaken, rooted deep in God and full of wisdom like a river of rushing water.

 The list goes on, so many wonderful children of God have ALWAYS been there to point the way… When I have prayed and asked the Father to help me understand He always sends His answer through these encounters whether with His Holy Spirit or His people.

 Stop letting people offend you and irritate you and just LOOK TO HIM! He has already lined up thousands of “trees” ahead on your path and as you SEEK Him you WILL find Him.

Who’s tree are you today? 

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  1. dbarnes8841 says:

    This is amazing, Lyssa! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Kathy Hageman says:

    Wow that is powerful and beautiful Lysa Lu!!

    Liked by 1 person

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