“Behind The Scene”

You know as well as I, how discouraging it can seem when you cannot see things working out in your favor and people who love you try to comfort you by saying things like; “it will be okay” “don’t worry, ” it will all work out”, “just have faith” etc.…. I personally have always had a hard time with this sort of thing. I am a (NOW) kind of girl. When I have something on my mind, I have a hard time pressing through it to deal with anything else in front of me.
Recently the Lord used a situation with a family member to teach me how to trust him when I cannot see.

In February we celebrated my mother in laws 60th birthday. As you know this birthday milestone is a BIG deal. My father in law wanted to plan a surprise dinner for my mother in law and her lifelong buddies. Me and my husband as well as her other son, had duties to prep and plan all of this (without giving it away). Meanwhile my mother in law saw as the days flew by that no one was talking at all about her birthday. We felt so bad seeing her melancholy facial expressions for weeks, as normally she would be smiling big and bright.
It really pained us when she made comments about going to dinner or having cake and we didn’t answer her with our usual enthusiasm. We KNEW she was hurting inside and we couldn’t do anything about it because what we had planned was so much greater.
To make things worse for her poor little heart, in order for us to beat her to the surprise party we had to say that we had a meeting at our church and couldn’t make the “dinner” on time, so she had to meet us there. I am sure she felt offended; “why would they go to a meeting on my birthday?”
Long story short she almost didn’t make it to her party because she was feeling blue, but in that very same moment she had no idea that at the restaurant in a back room, her lifelong best buddies were all joyfully gathering to surprise her! A few of us stared out the window in anticipation to see her arrival. When she first walked in she seemed so tired and sleepy. The moment we yelled surprise! She nearly fell to the ground in shock. It was such a beautiful and precious moment. As she walked around hugging the necks of her buddies and kids. The Lord turned up the volume of His voice in my heart, while replaying for me the past few weeks of running around and preparing, the encounters with my mother in law while her heart was sad and He said; “Do you see?”, “When you are feeling like I am no place at all; I am here planning and ordering and I will never let you down my beloved”


1st Corinthians 1:9

I hope you can relate this story to the many times you have had to believe God for your need, I hope you can see how He is working for your good “behind the scene” and mostly that He is faithful.

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  1. Jana says:

    ❤️ X 100


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