Still, Small Voice

Every now and then if you are able to catch the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and are obedient; you can experience a miracle.
For example: For months now I have been praying for someone whom the Lord placed on my heart. I do not know this person well at all, so you can imagine that it’s difficult to pray for them. …

But as I felt led I just prayed for their day to be blessed, for them to encounter Jesus if they haven’t already, for their need to be met etc. basically whatever I could think of. 

Last week I was driving to another city for an errand and as I was leaving town I just felt this immediate prompting to go to a specific store; I said the name of the store out loud as if to ask a question, and I even argued my case saying “ but I don’t need anything from that store”…..

however a small recognition fluttered in my spirit and told me to go anyway. I parked my car and began to walk in the store (((honestly feeling kind of silly))).
As I was walking up to the main doors out came THE PERSON I HAD BEEN PRAYING FOR!!!
I was absolutely shocked and tongue tied as I uttered her name. Right when I saw her, I knew instantly why I had been praying and praying and praying… the Lord showed quite a bit in that moment. Not a whole lot took place other than me saying hello and a little small talk but what happened in the moment was a seed planting! Now every day since, I have prayed for the seed to nestle itself in the best soil and to be deeply rooted for when God sees fit that it bloom.
The point here is; when God asks you to do something (even if it seems so ridiculous) be obedient and see what happens! I promise you will be amazed perplexed and like me addicted to Jesus.

“Friends, haven’t you any fish?” John 21:5 NIV

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