Nothing can take the place of a daily devotional life with Christ. Your quiet time, your prayer time, the time you spend in the Word, is absolutely essential for a happy Christian life. You cannot possibly be happy, dynamic and a powerful Christian apart from a daily walk with Christ.

-Billy Graham

Recently I was talking with someone I care deeply about and she, in utter frustration/anger was telling me that she was done with God…

“It’s too complicated!”,“ there’s too much pressure being a Christian”, “God never talks to me like he does you”, “Christians are fake” etc…

As each statement came from her mouth it pierced my heart; I could see the pain and the fear in her eyes, like even she knew it was a cop-out declaration. I could see that she has failed to remember what profound things God has done for her. All because she one day at a time skipped spending time with the Lord and now after months she’s found herself in the dark and is blaming God for the fact that she feels disconnected from Him.

The fact is all this is a lie and blaming God is old and used up! People have been blaming God since the beginning of time. It doesn’t work. We have been given free will from our creator and if we are missing out on the Glory of God in our lives; it is because and only because of our choices.

You are responsible for your own relationship with God. He leaps for joy when you choose Him over your own desires. “I’m too busy for God” is a lazy excuse; when you meet a new crush or become obsessed with a new television show, nothing will stop you from making time. You will drop everything for that; am I right?
A pastor once said; “ The word and prayer is the breath of life”

walking with the Lord is actually pretty simple; God doesn’t have a legion of angles measuring how long you pray or how (well) you pray. We are simply to come to Him with our mustard seed faith and ask like a child. There’s nothing complicated about it.

He loves you and created everything about you even the stuff you think isn’t good enough for Him!Stop listening to the voice of defeat and give God the time and praise that He deserves; even if it is just a whisper.

Continually seek The Lord and you will see His Glory in your life.

1 Chronicles 16:11


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